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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  July 13, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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until late tonight. it covers the immediate metro area, so the district, montgomery county, fairfax, prince william, prince georges, anne arundel towards baltimore. we'll come back and detail when we think the heaviest rain will roll in here, derek, back to you. >> also tonight in your only local news at 7:00, timber, heat and drenching rains taking a toll on local trees. high wire act, two men accused tonight of scaling 80-foot poles to steal copper wires from amtrak. and, going up? metro riders getting some unwanted exercise after problems with the escalators at a popular red line station. >> is this bruce johnson at the metro station, where three of the downed escalators are out of service. >> we can put a man on the moon, but can't keep these things working every day. >> how to negotiate. >> how do you feel after all those steps? >> not too well. >> three escalators have been taken out of service because of
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problems with their motor controller systems. problem with first detected during yesterday's evening rush, when smoke was found billowing out of one of the escalators. the closing of all three. >> they want more money, but they won't give the service we really need. >> passengers were not too pleased today, it's a 30-year- old system, transporting roughly 900,000 passengers every day. >> are you okay? >> yeah. getting a little old for those kind of stairs. >> i'm bruce leshan at the new carolton amtrak station. desperate times, desperate measures. the prince georges county state's attorney says a thief actually climbed up these power poles over the amtrak lines, climbed up 70 or 80 feet to get to the copper wire at the very top that serves as a kind of lightning rod. he had to riggle through 12,000 power lines just to get up
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there and get it. what did he get? a couple hundred bucks. >> it's incredible. i mean, we have a will the of thefts of copper and other scrap metals. we have people taking air conditioner cords out. very expensive items. to see someone climb a 70-foot pole, we haven't seen that before. >> i'm diehl yay in chevy chase, maryland, where neighbors are taking a close look at the health of their trees after high winds knocked down a tree on east west highway. crews clear out and haul away chunks of a tree in chevy chase. heavy rain and high winds split the massive tree in two this morning and toppled power lines, knocked down the traffic sign and crashed on to this van. fortunately, the driver was okay, but kelly murray and her seven-year-old daughter, sloan, weren't as lucky. they died last summer when a tree fell on their car just a mile down the road from this morning's incident. >> these trees do cause a danger. >> the healthy tree is more
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likely to fall than a sick one. >> because a healthy tree is full of a lot of heavy, healthy foliage and when you get a combination of high winds, saturated soil, where the roots can't hold anymore, the healthy trees is like the wind hitting a sail in a sailboat. >> even though we are getting plenty of storms and showers this week, cannot undue the damage done by this very dry summer so far. in arlington, at least a dozen public trees have died. two trucks into water trucks to try to keep the others hydrated. arlington plants about 1,000 trees every year between the sidewalks and the streets. >> nine volunteer firefighters have been fired in a sexual harassment investigation. and as peggy fox tells us, the probe began when a teenage volunteer came forward with the story of one terrifying night. >> it was a night of unwanted sexual taunting and touching in a place where she volunteered. the company one fire house in the fire and rescue department.
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>> if you don't get ahold of it and follow it up with criminal charges and prosecution, it is running rampant. >> two of her male counterparts, one a juvenile and another 20-year-old steven perry, made up a ruse to get her out of her sleeping quarters, then they tried to get her to take her clothes off. >> she held her ground. was addment she wasn't going to disrobe. they pursued it. wet her down with a hose, physically put her into a shower. >> she might have been very scared. >> he is charged with custodial indecent liberties. believes the juvenile coming forward gave courage to another older female volunteer to report an incident that happened to her here at the chancellor fire and rescue station number 10. 62-year-old john is charged with sexual battery after allegedly groping a 42-year-old
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woman volunteer he was training. >> he had raided some suggestive comments to her that were inappropriate at best. at the same time, fondled her inappropriately. >> a long time volunteer said about the charge -- quote, it's about time. she said she wouldn't be surprised if more women came forward with similar accusations. >> in chancellor, peggy fox, 9news now. >> and the firing of those nine volunteer fighters. will not affect response time, because the county has a total of 400 firefighters. >> the story is all a buzz is about a 36-year-old mother now facing 30 years in jail tonight for having sex with her own son. police in michigan say amy contacted her biological son online when he was 14 years old after his adoptive parents stopped sending her pictures of
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him. her lawyer says when sword saw the boy, she quote, something touched off in her and it was not a mother/son relationship. she says she plans to get counseling. >> and this just in to 9news now. the maryland transit administration says it wants to make amends with all those hundreds of passengers who were stranded on mark train last month. it will be giving people who were struck on number 538, five vip day passes. now each of those passes will be good for one round trip on mark before the end of 2013. mark, amtrak, and the federal railroad administration are investigating just why that train broke down just outside of dc on june 21. and let's talk to patranya in the traffic center. how are we looking ?ont. >> inner loop, outer loop looking good. still seeing some delays all the way down to springfield. this is due to an earlier crash at little river turnpike.
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that cleared, going into claire ton right now. crews are quickly trying to restore the traffic lights that were not working at a number of intersections. hopefully they will get all restored very soon. moving outside, windshield wipers are going and brake lights are coming on, as you can see on i-66 right now, rain is coming down. so definitely use some extra caution out there. from 495 up to route 50, we are seeing some volume out there. derek, back to you. >> let's get to an update on that massive recall. toyota is due to brake problems and faulty accelerators. the wall street journal is reporting that after analyzing dozens of black boxes from the vehicles involved, the department of transportation found that driver error may actually be to blame for many of those accidents. that analysis found that drivers never hit the brakes and just kept on hitting the gas. transportation officials are not commenting formerly on that report tonight. >> and the federal appeals judge says the federal communications commission's
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policy to fine broadcasters is unconstitutional. the second circuit court of appeals struck down the 2004 policy today. that policy says profanity referring to sex is always indecent. it was instituted after bonno said an expletive. should swearing have a zero tolerance policy or are we all human and we make mistakes? and it should be excused. share your thoughts for free of profanity. still to come, following the money. a look at the bottom line for the charity benefiting from the lebron james tv special. and the district has one of the highest rates of infection in the country. and whitman walker fight aid, up next. for constipation relief... nothing works better than miralax. it's the one.
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all thanks to the ease and freedom of visa digital currency. now that's progress. visa. currency of progress. 25 years ago today, more than 160,000 people packed stadiums in this country and england for live 8. the worldwide rock festival featured bands like madonna, queen, and the beach boys and it raised more than $50 million for famon relief. >> president obama unveiled a new strategy in this country to
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fight hiv and aids. >> in recent months, we held 14 community discussions. we spoken with over 4200 people. we received over 1,000 recommendations on the white house website. devising an approach not from the top down, but from the bottom up. >> the new strategy sets the goal of reducing new infections by 25% by concentrating prevention efforts among high risk groups. 56,000 people in this country become infected with hiv every year and that rate held steady for a decade now. about 1,100,000 men, women, and children here are living with hiv. the food and drug administration opened a two-day hearing on the future of ava in, dia. the panel of physicians is looking into whether the popular diabetes drug can cause heart problems. the company insists the drug is safe, but a top researcher disagrees. >> i'm really hoping that we can finally get the drug off the market.
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>> used inappropriately has a benefit risk profile and should remain a treatment option for patients with type 2 diabetes. >> at the end of this meeting, the panel of outside doctors will recommend an option. anything from adding more warning labels to pulling the drug off the market entirely. >> well as we saw earlier, the rain is moving into our part of the world. topper is looking next at how long it will go on. but first -- >> he demanded a lot. he raised, i believe, the level of not only the yankees, i feel he raised the bar around baseball. >> players at this year's all star game, remembering yankees owner, george steinbrenner. we'll go live to anaheim up next.
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sandra hughes is live tonight ahead of the all star game where everyone is talking about the boss. sandra. >> well, derek, it could almost be called fitting that george passed away on the morning of the all star game here in anaheim. when the best of the best of the beloved sport of baseball gets together to play ball. at angels stadium, yankee all stars just wanted to talk about the boss. >> i feel like he raised the bar around baseball. >> it is tough, because he is more than just an owner to me. he's a friend of mine, and he'll be deeply missed. >> and at mickey mantel's sports bar, fans shared their thoughts. >> he had such an imprint on the yankees as a team and all the fans also. >> as a fan, steinbrenner took a losing team in 1973 and made it into a billion dollar franchise, he played for steinbrenner in the 70s and later worked for him as a
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manager. >> he was flamboyant. he was a winner and he was a guy who demanded an awful lot from his players and his organization if you worked for him. >> he didn't care if his players liked him, but he wanted the best on his team. luring star players and paying them the big bucks. he was criticized for upping the salaries of major league players. >> he told me a number of times, you know, i don't mind -- i don't like to give these guys a lot of money, but i'm not breaking any rule or law. so i have a chance to win, i'm going to do it. >> his antics cost him. he was suspended from baseball twice, but today, none of that seems to matter. >> opportunity to play for the boss was something that was second to none. >> george steinbrenner had just celebrated his 80th birthday on the fourth of july. >> now before tonight's all star game, there is going to be
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a moment of silence for george steinbrenner. tonight's game is the best of the american league versus the best of the national league and whoever wins is going to have a home field advantage for the world series. and i bet derek, you know who george would be rooting for. >> no doubt about that. bye, thank you so much for that. >> the boys and girls clubs of greater washington waiting to hear if they will get any of that money raised for the big prime time special. the basketball star donated the proceeds from the ads during the broadcast to the boys and girls clubs of america and that adds up to $2.5 million. for perspective on that, our own sales department says that is a decent amount of cash for an hour. it's also just shy of what an advertiser would pay for 30 seconds of air time during the season's super bowl. the local chapter says dc was not on the list of cities that james would benefit from the funds. however, hopeful the national chapter may kick a few bucks its way. a little rough weather out
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tonight, top. >> not so much severe in terms of hail or tornadoes or gusty winds, but heavy rain is going to be our threat. here's your forecast first now, the next three days, we are going to do it all over again tomorrow. the good news is, it stays in the 80s on wednesday. showers and storms still possible and after that, the flood gates open, so to speak, for the heat. mid 90s on friday. we are a slight chance of a thunderstorm. we'll break down tomorrow. i'd grab the umbrella and get ready for wet roads in the morning and wet roads when you come back. mid 70s to start. low 80s by lunchtime and then pretty good chance of showers and storms in the evening. more sun we see tomorrow, the better chance of thunderstorms. tonight, flash flood watch, some heavy. low temperatures between 70 and 75. and light winds. we'll start with live doppler because this tracks lightning. you can see a lot of lightning move from culpeper over toward dale city with this last storm here. so, if you hear thunder, you need to get indoors and take
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cover. you can't fool around with lightning. notice how this is holding together pretty well. it's a batch of heavy rain. we'll now show you live doppler and talk about the same area south of town, crossing 66. moving away from warrenton and some pretty good activity from leesburg, stretching up the river as well. heavy rain down to manasas and rain fall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour. he has an inch and a half in his gauge. we know these are producing heavy rains. where are they going in the next hour? through fairfax, through burke, springfield, crossing 95 and headed for the airport. all right, back to the computer we go. we'll talk about the headlines. here's the deal. we think the biggest threat with the flash flood will be between midnight and 4:00 a.m. more thunderstorms on wednesday and just hot and dry again on thursday. tomorrow morning, some leftover showers, mostly cloudy. temperatures in the 70s and 80s and by afternoon, partly sunny, we'll see some sun, warmer,
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with showers and thunderstorms. high temperatures 85 to about 90. next seven days. 87 tomorrow with storms. and then hot. mid 90s on thursday and dry. mid 90s on friday. a few storms. better chance for storms on saturday and still around 90 both days despite the clouds and then derek, next monday and tuesday, well, we are not setting any records here, but back in the mid 90s. >> this is a dc summer we grew up with. >> it is, isn't it? >> it's been a while since we've had one. >> let's get to our weird news file, because we have been the arm waving danger, danger, and data, the i want to be a human an droid, but now, finally, a real life robot who can actually do something useful. meet pr2, a very cool looking robot who does one thing and one thing only. he gets you a beer. almost certainly designed by a team of guys, pr2 can open your fridge, scan the contents using his vision recognition software
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and grab the kind of beer you ask for and bring it to you. it works like this. you go to a special website, choose your preferred beer, click the beer me button. the only bad news is, this being the ultimate robot function, there's not a lot of robot inventors that have anything left to do. what else is there? >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address, 9news now will be right back. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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in the mail bag tonight, metro, karen says let me get this straight, you're raising the fares and giving me less service, really? why shouldn't we, the customer, expect to have all escalators
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working. it is absolutely propostrouse that we pay more and get less. metro doesn't have to do anything and can continue to raise rates because people have to take public transportation. well, karen, i think that last is only partially true, because people who have a choice will get back into their cars if metro keeps raising the fares or if people lose competent in the system. speaking of safety or the relative lack of it, a lot of comments on our facebook page regarding injuries sustained during the running of the bulls in spain. hilary writes, only three people hurt? wait, why are we reporting on this? they ran with the bulls. the real news would be if no one got hurt. and similar sentiments from karen who says, this really isn't news, is it? it happens every year. it's a tradition, and if these people are dumb enough to keep doing it, then why report the injuries? i have no pity for the people who willingly end up with a bull horn up their behind. they must like it or they
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wouldn't keep doing it. and should rename it the rung of the fools. thank you. you said aloud what every anchor thinks, but is perhaps afraid to say. don't be afraid to write the mail bag. drop a comment on wusa9's facebook page. i'll be back tonight at 11:00. is always there. we'll see you later. bye.
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mel gibson, was he set up? this is "entertainment tonight." vicious new words. another racial slur. but, will charges be filed? >> we interviewed the alleged victim. >> day two in the "entertainment tonight"/mel gibson investigation. but, was he set up? we dig deep inside the tale of the tapes. >> what bothers me is that her sound is so good. plus, he worked with dozen of hollywood's biggest stars. but, who's defending mel? >> he's a huge disappointment. >> and who is the mother of his child? >> i had nothing to do with the separation of mr. gibson and his wife. brad goes beardless. russell hangs out with the queen


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